Marin has a dedicated spread to support dewatering operations, the package can be tailored to the client’s or project requirement. The application of the technology and the soils engineering process is fully trialled and tested. Our methods can achieve specific classification of the material being processed. Marin aim to achieve the highest values in WOC, ensuring that all solids are dried to the client specified classification for landfill or reuse. Solid handling processes use a two stage system, the first stage is the balanced fluid handling (BFH) this provides means of motive flow through the system in transportation of the soils/material to the dewatering screening, which at this stage of the process the screen strips the water and fluid from the material to the end of the process, material can be recirculated to achieve targeted classification.

  • EVO™ 616 Shaker with 130 Centrifugal Pump and Sea vac unit
  • EVO™ 618 Shaker with 130 Centrifugal Pump and Sea vac unit
  • Custom dewatering spreads for bespoke work scopes