• Marin has a duty of care towards the environment and communities in which it operates, and towards the welfare of the employees and Clients
  • The organisation strives to make a positive impact on the environment and the communities where they work, and have a commitment to best practice to ensure the health and safety of the employees, Clients, and their personnel
  • Marin will act with honesty and integrity in all their business dealings
  • Marin will promote trust, respect and support through open and honest dialogue and will maintain high ethical standards with each individual and organisation that they work with
  • Marin promotes the continuous development of their teams
  • Marin provide a working environment where individuals can enjoy a challenging and rewarding role
  • Marin offer everyone within the organisation an opportunity to develop a skill base and build on this with further training and development opportunities
  • Marin is driven to create innovative solutions to often complex Client issues
  • Marin promotes working together as a team to generate creative solutions to meet clients’ technical needs



Treat others with respect and communicate openly. Marin promotes active team collaboration encouraging individual contributions and responsibility. We support opportunities for development and progression through further training and education. Experience develops confidence and builds on a solid foundation of inspiring ideas as potential solutions, regardless of the position of the individual suggesting improvements within the organisation.


Commitment to excellence in everything we do and continually striving to improve across our team as individuals and as a team. We are passionate about achieving results and exceeding expectations – both our own and that of others. We seek opportunities to provide out of the ordinary solutions and also understand that sometimes keeping it simple is best. We use creativity to find practical ways to solve problems. Our experience and technology allow Marin to overcome challenges and deliver value to our customers.


Marin meet the highest ethical standards in all our business dealings. Acceptance of responsibility and accountability for our work, and our actions, as individuals as well as a team. Marin has a culture of zero tolerance to fraud and corruption.


We have a business mindset within the organisation which promotes efficiency and delivers cost effective solutions for our Clients through the implementation of best practice business processes. Marin have an ongoing interest in building productive, collaborative, trusting and mutually beneficial relationships with our Clients, employees, and our communities.


We endeavour to create a clean, safe, and healthy workplace environment. All aspects of our business are managed in a safe environmentally responsible manner in accordance with statutory requirements. We self-manage and re-use waste streams wherever possible in line with our environmental policy to reduce any negative load or impact on the environment.


We support, empower, and truly value our employees, they are the foundation and future of our business. The organisation recognises our employees’ talents and skills and helps them to reach their potential through learning and development opportunities. The Company seeks to create a supportive, motivating, and enriching work environment so that our employees are able to enjoy coming to work every day.