Marin have undertaken over 1,500 projects in water depths ranging from 2m to 4,600m, and soils ranging from sand to 400 kPa shear strength clay. The organization has been involved in numerous projects involving the de-burial of large-scale structures, for either locating or recovery, depending on the Client’s instruction. as well as a range of other assets and objects, either for locating or recovery purposes.

Examples of high profile projects include:

Shell Baram offshore Sarawak - excavated and exposed 8 well-heads

Block MC20 in US Gulf of Mexico - removed large volumes of silt and backfill material (38,000 m³) to expose 28 wellheads

Saipem 10,000 Drill-Ship offshore Equatorial Guinea - located and recovered the riser and BOP stack

Gunnison FPSO - located and cleared the anchor chains after they were dropped in the US Gulf of Mexico

UK, Iraq & Vietnam - exposed and mitigated potential and unknown Un-Exploded Ordinance (UXO) on national export pipeline routes

‘Kursk’ Nuclear Submarine Recovery - provided excavation services to assist with recovery efforts

Ormen Lange - provided pipeline route seabed preparation and Clay Cutting

PPT-Thailand  - performed route preparation and pipeline lowering

Troll tunnel – performed 12m deep excavations in piercing area of tunnel in preparation for pipeline.

Heidrun – performed clearance on 56 well slot templates in preparation for world’s first ever concrete tension leg platform.


Marin’s highly skilled specialist team possess extensive experience gained over many years from successful completion of seabed excavation and dredging operations. This element of vastly experienced personnel, can be one of the most crucial components in performing a successful soils engineering/dredging/excavation project, alongside expertly maintained, ready to mobilise specialist equipment. Marin leads the marketplace, by consistently providing a quality, dependable, cost-effective, get it right first-time solution to Client’s project related issues.

Our team own and operate the largest global collection of patented subsea excavation, placement, and recovery tools in the market segment today.

Mr George Stroud, CEO, and Mr Nick Sills, CTO, are the inventors and developers of this technology. The track record below represents some of the various achievements in terms of excavation, recovery, and decommissioning operations. The exemplary standards Marin hold in these applications, has been achieved through the proprietary development of methods, techniques, and tools operated by our companies owned and developed bv Stroud and Sills. Some of these companies include:


30+ years later, Mr George Stroud and Mr Nicholas Sills are still outright owners and operators of the following exclusive systems through Marin:

Hydro Digger, V-Jet™, Mono-Jet™, HMIJ™, SeaVator™, JetProp™, EVO™ BTE 80, ClayCutter, EVO™ Excavation Systems, EVO™ MRS, EVO™ MDS, and EVO™ MMRS grab systems.

Marin are global leaders in the Hydrodynamic Mass Flow Excavation market today. With our uniquely scalable systems, Marin can offer the correct specification of tooling for the soils conditions and application required.

Marin are committed as a forward-thinking company to further develop new technology, enabling increased efficiency, even greater environmental considerations with a more compact footprint to assist with the reduction of space required on deck, assisting Clients with achieving targets and milestones.  Complex operational challenges when encountered, are considered all part of daily Marin operations.

Please contact our Project Department if you wish to learn more of the potential capabilities available. Marin are available to partner with your Company on project, ready to solve any unforeseen or currently presenting challenges.



Marin are proud to be members of the following industry bodies:



Marin has a proven track record within the oil & gas industry sector, delivering complete solutions on complex projects in the toughest and harshest of locations globally. Marin’s technology is cutting edge with specialists that thrive on solving deepwater challenges.


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